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Our Breeding Program



Here at Rock Lake Kennels we strive to breed only the very best dogs. We have and continue to educate ourselves through study, research, talking with other breeders, and attending seminars. We are a family of 4 humans, 3 dogs, 2 horses, 3 cats and many chickens. We all enjoy a full life out in the country with open spaces to explore. I am a stay-at-home mom and love the time i get to spend with my boys, teaching them to work hard and love animals. Dogs are my passion and I hope to pass the love I have for them to my kids.



Our dogs go through a thorough exam before we choose to breed them. We pick dogs with family orientated personality that we feel comfortable to be around our young sons and other animals. After they have passed our personality evaluation we then begin to test for genetic faults and health problems through PennHip, OFA and DNA genetic testing. Once our dogs have finished and passed all testing, are healthy and fit we will add them to our program.

Puppy Evaluation 

After 7 weeks of age the puppies are each taken through an evaluation to test their personality and traits. We use Avidog and are able to distinguish each puppies uniqueness. Once the evaluations are complete we work with the buyer at finding and picking the right match for their family.

This is an important step, often ignored, which will help you get the best out of your dog. 


Why-When I got my first dogs I picked two siblings that I thought were cute and drew my attention. As they grew into dogs I quickly found out that they are completely different regardless of having the same parents and training. My boy, Shem, is VERY high energy, he loves exploring and is the farthest from a lap dog you can get. My girl, Myra, will run and explore but would way rather hang out with me and snuggle on my lap. She's happy to chill in the sun and let my boy crawl all over her. She learns different and is overwhelmingly food driven. Luckily each dog fits well in my family as my husband who enjoys upland hunting has claimed Shem and I Myra. These traits I described are a few that are detected through evaluating the puppies. Someone who wants a snuggle-bug to sit on the couch while they binge watch Netflix would be very disappointed with Shem. The tests that we do when they are puppies allow us to find these traits and make sure you are happy with your dog.


Our puppies are highly socialized and introduced to new situations starting at a young age. We travel with our puppies, introduce them to new people , take them on adventure walks, and strive to show them the world isn't as scary as it is big. Our puppies leave bold and excited to face life in their new home.

We send your new puppy home with their first vet check, up to date on vaccinations and deworming, microchipped for identification, a puppy pack to help you get started, and a health guarantee.

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